Ticket2ride is pleased to announce  that due to popular demand it is now providing  a UK coaching service and what better time to sharpen up those skills and get ready for the summer season!

People spend thousands on equipment to get the most out of their time mountain biking, however it can be equally as important to invest in improving your skills to get yourself prepared for the mountain biking holiday of a life time .

JJ shows the principles behind rock lunges.

There are four options to choose from with our skills courses:

1)    Set your self up for success

In this session the fundamentals which underpin all future skills are developed and enable riders to really take control of their riding and use techniques which are directly apply to every trail.

Key aspects covered include: Stance, balance, weight distribution, brake control, cornering and reading the trail ahead. 

2)    Stop pedalling

This is all about organic mountain biking where the rider uses the trail’s natural feature to gain speed and flow over obstacles. These techniques are fun, but also on rough and winding trails where pedalling could unbalance the rider or catch an obstacle, pumping is an extremely useful tool.

Key aspects covered include: Pumping terrain, absorbing, “going light”, preloading the bike and high speed cornering.

3)    Get out of Jail Free card (Jumps and Drops)

Jumps and drops are by far the most requested skills coached. We coach the downhill lunge style of drops and the preload method of jumping. These techniques are both advanced and easy to break down into an easy to perform progression. So whether you want to touch the sky or merely enhance your control and unveil the mystery , jumps will no longer be something from the unknown. With the experience of coaching the longest and largest jump trails in the world who better to guide you through this time proven and assessed process.

4)    Private skills coaching sessions

Private request sessions enable mountain bikers to write there own ticket and sessions will be entirely tailored to the groups request. In these sessions more advanced double black coaching is available to help set you up with all the skills required for the most challenging of trails in the Whistler Bike Park or simply elevate your riding to the next level.

Taylor made sessions for 1:1 or a maximum of 6:1


Many of our Ticket2Ride guests from the 2009 and 2010 seasons will remember our senior mountain bike guide John Paul Jones (JJ as we call him). JJ began coaching in 1998, and as well as being one of our qualified mountain bike guides, JJ also works as a senior coach for Whistler Blackcomb. When not coaching and guiding in Whistler, JJ runs the T2R UK skills coaching sessions. 


JJ demonstrates how to rock lunge


Group sessions (weekends) cost £80.00 per person with a 20% introduction discount (£64.00).

Private request sessions (Week Days) cost at £210.00 per group (max 6 people)

All sessions are one full day and run from various locations across the UK Please phone 07709 800 376 or Email skillscoaching@ticket2ridebc.com for dates and locations.

Special Offer

Any riders participating in coaching will also be able to take advantage of an introductory offer of 15% discount on any Ticket2RideBC holiday booked and an initial 20% discount off your first skills session.