Apr 6th
First Ride In Pemby for 2012

I have always been surprized by how different the climate is in Pemberton compared to Whistler, especially as it is only a half hour drive between the two locations.

Today was a prime example of the difference. I left Whistler this morning soon after 9am. The weather was a little overcast, but cold. I headed north to Pemberton to drop off some bike components for Mike Rothdram who is the team mechanic for the Performx Young Guns Team, which is sponsored by Spank and Commencal.  

As I arrived in Pemberton, it was like arriving in a different country as the climate up there was hot and sunny.

Mike had suggested that we head out for a quick ride on the trails, so before jumping in the truck I loaded up the Commencal Meta 6 on the back of the truck.

Mike lives in a great location in Pemberton with an awesome view of Mount Currie, and just a short pedal to the mountain bike trails.

The view from Mike's Garden

We headed out from Mike’s house, joined by his dog Seamus, who set the pace along the trails for us. As we were both limited for time we opted for a relatively short loop.

Our route started with Bathtub trails, before heading over the river where we started to climb up Happy Trail, then linked into Wacko Connector to traverse along before hitting Indie 500 for the descent back down to Bathtub trails and heading back to Mike’s house.

Taking in the view from the top of Happy Trail

The trails were in amazing condition, in fact to quote Mike, they were “primo”, especially Indie 500, which in the summer can be pretty loose and dusty, but today it was running smooth with great grip.

After the ride, I said good bye to Mike jumped back in the truck and headed back to Whistler, saying good bye to the warm sunny weather and returned to winter conditions.

Looking forward to getting back to Pemberton soon.