Jun 19th
T2R trail maintenance on McKenzie Cruise in Pemberton. June 2012

Back in 2011 the Ticket2Ride team built a cedar bridge and new ladder work section towards the end of the McKenzie Cruise trail to enable riders to exit the trail without having to dismount and use stepping stones to cross the river that cut through the trail.

Whilst doing this work in Pemberton, we noted that one of the existing pieces of ladder work that we connected our new bridge to was in fact built using cherry for the stringers, and was going to need replacing in the not too distant future as it was covered in fungi, which would certainly being weakening the structure.

So with a spare day this week, the T2R team headed up to Pemberton for the hike in to the bottom of the McKenzie Cruise trail and set about dismantling the old piece of ladder work and putting in a new section made of Cedar wood.

On arriving back at the site, we took time to re-asses the situation, to decide on the best course of action, as it’s not always best to simply replace like for like with trail building, however in this instance, given the terrain, there was not really another option but to replace the old wood work in the same style.

The main challenge of this was the height the ladder work needed to be at, as the ladder actually spans over what is in effect an over-flow pool for the river and small water fall that the bridge we build last season spans.

New ladder work on McKenzie Cruise

With a bit of planning and the careful selection of the some suitable cedar poles, we set to work removing the old section, before putting in a completely new piece including cedar boards.

Dan skilfully manned the saw, whilst T2R guides Rhys and Andy worked on the construction of splitting cedar boards and nailing the structure together.

Five hours later the team had completed the section of ladder work, and tidied the site, so now the lower section of wood work is a complete, secure and fun section of trail for all the mountain bike riders on the PVTA trail network to enjoy.