The highlight of our guided rides for anyone who has been on, it is our float plane assisted wilderness trip to the Chilcotin Mountains.

This package has it all, awesome locations, amazing trails, stunning views, adventure travel, a flight in a float plane, wildlife including grizzly bears and moose, comfy accommodation and great food. There simply isn’t anywhere else like it.

The main event of this package is the float plane assisted ride from Spruce Lake down to Tyaughton Lake.

Here, along with your bike, you will be flown from Tyaughton Lake up to Spruce Lake in a DeHavilland Beaver Floatplane. This is where the day ride begins, following an awesome trail that winds along a huge valley surrounded by massive mountains. The highlight of this ride is blazing through the epic alpine meadow on the ribbon of singletrack that was featured in The Collective movie.

Once back at the Tyax Lake Resort, you can spend the night relaxing in the Tyax lodge, in preparation for a second day of riding North Cinnabar in the Chilcotin Mountains.

‘It’s at this point I’d be remiss in not mentioning the undisputed highlight of the week - a single trip away that was a reason to make a trans-Atlantic crossing purely for the pleasure of being present: two days in Tyax’. Singletrack Magazine, January 2008.

This package starts and finishes in Whistler with vehicle transfers from Whistler village up to Tyax resort and back.  

Summary of what’s included in the Chilcotin Wilderness Guided Rides package:

  • Two day overnight trip to Tyax Lake Resort
  • Float Plane assisted Spruce lake ride
  • Vehicle transfer to Tyax
  • Vehicle transfer back to Whistler
  • Qualified guides
  • Evening Meal and Breakfast
  • Pack lunches
  • Any associated trail fees